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Marcus began his career in the post production industry at the London 

house Soho 601 in 1990, where he discovered a great passion for telecine. He 

then joined world renowned Post Production company The Mill where he continued to

establish himself as a sought after colourist, until moving to the award-winning Rushes 

telecine team. 


He was then headhunted by Omnilab in 2008 to join them as their senior 

commercials colourist. He worked with some of the best directors in Australia before turning

freelance in September 2012.


Marcus has recently spent a year working with George Miller at Kennedy Miller on the

eagerly awaited new Mad Max film "Fury Road".


Marcus’ credits read like a who’s who of the TVC world including Dolce & 

Gabanna, Levis, Nintendo, Playstation, Smirnoff, Stella Artois, Sony, Suzuki, 

Toyota, Vodafone, VW, Bonds, Audi, and Wrigleys. Similarly his work with music 

artists and music videos include Madonna, Bjork, U2, Arctic Monkies, Avalanches, 

Groove Armada and Jamiroquai to name a few.


“I have been privileged to work with an amazing array of clients and luminaries 

including George Miller, Frank Budgen, Chris Cunningham, Ridley Scott, Dougal Wilson, 

Bruce Hunt, Tom Carty, Jonas Akerlund, Chris Riggert, Steve Rogers, David Deneen, Jake Scott, Johan Renk, Roman Coppola, Hype Williams, Walter Stern, Daniel Levi, Dawn 

Shadforth, Gerard de Thame and Mehdi Norowzian,”




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